How Deliveries Work

Online, through your website.

Eatzy creates online ordering for your menu, and we connect it to your website.
By credit/debit card on your website.

All orders you receive will be prepaid and you will not have to deal with collecting payment from the driver.
When the customer completes an order, it will be sent to you on a tablet. The tablet will chime every 30 seconds until you mark the order as 'Confirmed' If you don't mark the order as Confirmed, a dispatcher will call you to be sure that you have received the order.

You will have all order details available on the tablet along with customer contact info in case you need to call them.
When you receive an order, a pickup time will be displayed.

For ASAP orders, the pickup time is based on your estimated prep time and the driver's estimated arrival time.

For Advance orders, the pickup time is determined by the customer's chosen drop-off time and our estimated drive time.
From the time the customer places the order until they receive it, the average wait is between 30 and 45 minutes. Most of that time is prep at the restaurant, so it varies based on your average prep time and how busy you are when a given order comes in.

Delivery zones are usually set up to keep drive times within about 15 minutes, although that can vary depending on the area, the time of day and the size of the order.

When you receive the order, you can adjust the pickup time on the tablet while confirming it. The modified pickup time will be visible to the dispatcher and to the driver.

If the new pickup time will make the order later than the delivery time quoted to the customer, then the dispatcher will call the customer to let them know what to expect.
Yes, drivers are local and are not pulled from a different area to pick up your order. We accept orders only when there are drivers available to deliver them.
Drivers are independent contractors. They are paid per order, based partly on the delivery distance. Customer gratuities are an important part of a driver's income.

When an order is sent to the restaurant, it is also sent to the app on the driver's phone. The driver has all details of the order (including item modifiers), so they will know what they are supposed to be picking up. The driver also has your phone number and the customer's contact info. If they experience any difficulty, they may call directly.

Drivers are also in regular contact with our dispatchers. Depending on the type of problem, the dispatcher may be the one to contact you or the customer.

Driver location and order status are updated through the driver app. The dispatcher receives alerts if any step of the delivery process is taking longer than expected and will reach out to the driver promptly to make sure that a small problem does not turn into a larger one.

Drivers typically work within a fairly small geographic area compared to those forced by UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub etc, and the per-order pay they receive is higher. They work directly with a local territory owner or manager, so they have quite a bit more connection, loyalty and responsibility than is usually found in the large national services.
The delivery fees are set locally, but the general goal is to keep delivery as inexpensive as possible while encouraging larger orders.

We like to make sure there is free delivery available for orders that are close or are large. Delivery areas are set up as polygons and fees are set from your restaurant to each of the polygons, not as a straight radius. This allows for a lot of control based on delivery to specific neighborhoods and factoring geographic or transportation obstacles (e.g. a river or a highway bisecting an area). The delivery fees charged to the customer will typically reflect the amount of time that the driver will spend delivering the order.
If it's a small issue related to the food, you have the customer's phone number to contact them directly. Anything related to the delivery will be handled by the dispatcher. The dispatcher will contact the customer as necessary to let them know if there is a delay or other problem with an order. If any other resolution is needed, the dispatcher will contact you for confirmation.
You receive daily deposits to your bank account, same as any other credit card transaction.

When the customer pays online, the fees and tips for delivery are split off from the transaction. You receive the balance and 100% of the taxes, batched out daily and deposited straight to your bank account. Depending on your bank, those funds are typically available in a day or two.

There is no invoice period or any other delay.