In general, restaurant owners are very busy and hate dealing with website-related stuff.

It’s very common for them to push to the side any tasks related to their website. So our role is to do as much of the work as possible and keep the process under our control and leave minimal responsibility to the restaurant.

The launch process can be completed in as little as 2 days, but if you don’t keep control then it can drag on for weeks or more.

So once a restaurant is ready to join your service, how do you get them launched quickly?

The easiest way to keep things on track isĀ 
1. be in control of the follow-up steps: be involved and set expectations

2. to schedule follow-up steps tightly after signing

3. give the restaurant advance notice of what will be needed to launch

Signup Meeting

1. Sign restaurant.

2. While there, submit their menu and logo to Eatzy.
Online Ordering Setup Form

If we’re building a website, submit photos and content at that time as well. If they don’t have this info available, schedule a time in a day or two to meet with them again. (This may require scheduling an extra meeting.)
Website Setup Form

3. Schedule your next meeting about 2 days out to review menu and website and to complete next steps.
Tell them what is needed for next meeting:
– bank account info for deposits
– website or registrar access (Website access if they are keeping current site, registrar access if we are creating new site.)

Follow-up Meeting

Coordinate with Eatzy when you have scheduled this meeting. We have a few things to do on our side while you’re in the meeting that will help to move the process along smoothly.

1. Review menu and website with them.
Usually there are just small changes to make. You can complete the following steps even if we have revisions to do.

2. Set up Stripe account.
Stripe Setup Instructions.

3. Set Nameservers or set link to menu page.
Nameserver Instructions.

If they are keeping their own site and linking to our online ordering, they need to have access to their website administration panel to update the ‘Menu’ or ‘Order’ links/buttons.

4. Demonstrate Restaurant App. Install it and show a test order.

From your Android Tablet, go to the Google Play store and search for ‘Eatzy Restaurant’ or click the button below:

Get it on Google Play

From your Kindle Fire Tablet, go to the Amazon Appstore and search for ‘Eatzy’